Pearl hair clips square in silver – Pack of 2


The Clip
The easiest way to trick people into thinking you’ve tried, fancy up a loose pony or sweep hair back off your face with these creamy pearlesque clips. Worn day or night.

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The Story: Chapter 18
Alice: She sat there and thought of him. Thought of the first time Tali had brought him home. She’d known instantly that there was something different about this one. She’d watched him with Tali, and for the first time had pangs of jealousy bubble up. It had been months before she’d started noticing the appearance of small fractures. The way he’d look disinterested when Tali spoke of some or other drama she’d found herself involved in. She’d never meant for anything to happen. Would never have planned for something to happen. There wasn’t a moment she could pinpoint where it had all started – but a thousand moments. Somewhere along the line he had become her world. A displaced world that wasn’t hers to be had.

The Details
Creamy pearlesque detailing
Silver-toned base
Snap hair clip
Length: 7.5cm
Sold in pack of 2




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